Nicole Doerr

Nicole Doerr

Associate Professor of Sociology

University of Copenhagen

Dr. Nicole Doerr is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen where she directs the Copenhagen Centre for Political Mobilisation and Social Movement Studies.

Doerr’s research constructs a field of critical visual analysis in the social sciences to understand how people use visual images and digital media to influence politics and discourse. Doerr compares how right wing populist and extremist activists use visual images spread through social media in order to influence elections – focusing on case studies in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia. In contrast she asks how left wing and anti-racist social movements construct visual politics to promote a cosmopolitan visions of solidarity on the issue of social justice, migration, democracy, gender and sexuality. Doerr’s research has been awarded the EU Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, the EU IPODI Fellowship, as well as the Harvard Ash Center Democracy Fellowship. Her 44 publications include 15 journal articles; her book Political Translation. How Social Movement Democracies Survive was published with Cambridge University Press in 2018.


  • Social movements
  • Extreme right
  • Image analysis
  • Digital visuals
  • Democracy
  • Gender
  • Critical analysis of racism
  • Translation


  • PhD in Sociology

    European University Institute

  • Masters in Sociology

    Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris/FU Berlin