Elahe Naserianhanzaei

Elahe Naserianhanzaei

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Exeter

Dr Elahe Naserianhanzaei is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Exeter’s Department of Politics. Before joining the ExId project, she worked as a computational social scientist at the University of Exeter’s Psychology Department (CLES) from 2018-2020, where she integrated computational methods with social psychology theories to develop models that detect and trace the social group membership in linguistic patterns. Elahe studies and analyses data from social media to derive computational, large-scale data-driven insights, and to develop mechanisms to trace journeys into new group memberships as well as out of group memberships over time and to understand how these journeys relate to behaviour change. Trained as a computer scientist (PhD in Human Movement Analysis, 2018), Elahe is passionate about problems at the intersection of computer science and social science.


  • Political Communication